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4 professional coaches
10 exceptional participants
12 life-changing weeks

The focus days of each program are fixed. Everything else will be planned individually



Empower Yourself

Do you have the courage and strength to do what you really want to do - both in private and in business?

Empower Yourself

«Empower Yourself» guides you back into your own power. Our coaches focus on the latest research and powerful coaching methods from the fields of neuroscience, nutrition, mindset and mindfulness, so that you can empower your body, mind and soul in a sustainable way.

Reboot your Life

Do you sometimes reach your limits and have no idea what to do? Or do you just go on and on until you can't go any further?

Reboot your Life

«Reboot Your Life» enables you to better understand, classify and tackle your challenges. With simple but surprising methods we guarantee you a change of perspective of a special kind.

Breath, Voice & Body

Have you ever heard your inner voice? But did not listen to it, even though it would have been better in retrospect?

Breath, Voice & Body

«Breath, Voice and Body» helps you to hear and understand your "inner voice" better and to use it in everyday life. The interaction of intensive breathing, movement, voice training and music gives you a new and clear view inside.

Ladies - it's all about you!

More courage, liveliness, lightness, joie de vivre, serenity and satisfaction - is that what you desire?

Ladies - it's all about you!

«Ladies - it's all about you» enables you to authentically live the balance between strength and weakness and get away from the constant self-judgment. We work with your own voice, emodiment and lots of joy on your heart subjects.


1. Assessment of the situation
Together with you we evaluate your current situation. This is the basis for the 3-month transformation process.
2. Individual Coaching session
Private preparation with one of our top coaches for the focus days at Schloss Freudental.
3. Vis-à-vis Focus days
At Freudental Castle (D) you and a maximum of 9 other participants and 4 coaches will receive 2.5 days of essential knowledge paired with intensive experience. Fun, science and tears are guaranteed.
4. Individual coaching session
Together with the coach of your choice you will integrate your knowledge and experience from the focus days.
5. Integration period
They apply the learned "hands-on" tools in everyday life and stabilize the transformation process.
6. Coaching group session
You never walk alone. You and the other participants benefit not only together, but also from each other in the long term.


What does a famous tenor, a Human Potential Coach from England, a nutrition and movement coach from Thailand and a famous Tenor from the United Kingdom have in common? Special and unique methods, which you will get to know in our coaching programs.

Proven and latest research results included. Guaranteed.


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September 2021
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Contact us by e-mail to determine which focus days you would like to book. All further dates of the coaching program will be planned individually.

Our location for the focus days

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Schloss Freudental
Schlossstrasse 1, 78476 Allensbach

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