SAM Mentor Training

Details about the training

The process
  • Presence Weekend
    Your SAM training starts with a weekend together at one of our places of inspiration. The group consists of max. 4 participants. We meet on Friday at 12:00 and say goodbye again on Sunday at 14:00. The location as well as catering will be organized by us.

    12 video calls with your mentor
    After the introductory weekend, the group of future SAM mentors will meet every month for a year for a 1.5 hour video call. Here you deepen the knowledge you have learned, receive new impulses and can exchange ideas with your mentor.

    12 video calls within the group
    In addition, the participants meet once a month for 1.5 hours via videocall to practice. The self-awareness within the peer group is an essential part of your development.

    Presence weekend
    We conclude the SAM training with another presence weekend. Participants will meet again on Friday at 12:00 pm until Sunday at 2:00 pm.

Safety concept

approved by the BAG

Your safety and health are as important to us as your further development.
Therefore, we have worked out the conditions of the SAM group course in such a way that we can carry it out for you including the presence weekends. Our safety concept has been approved by the BAG.

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Hourly Schedule

Training start

Friday - from 12:00 o'clock
Our introductory weekend
Sie beginnen Ihre Ausbildung zum SAM Mentor mit einem gemeinsamen Wochenende im PNX Haus im Hirzel. Wir verabschieden uns Sonntags gegen 14:00 Uhr.

Monatliches Online Mentoring

17:30 o'clock - 19:00 o'clock
Every 2nd Thursday of the month
We meet online via Zoom. We can decide on the day and time of our video call within the group during the introductory weekend.
17:30 o'clock - 19:00 o'clock
Every 3rd Tuesday of the month
You will conduct learning mentoring sessions with the other training participants. You can decide individually on the day and time of our video call during the introductory weekend.

Training completion

Friday - from 12:00 o'clock
Final weekend
We finish the SAM Mentor training with another weekend together at PNX Haus in Hirzel. We say goodbye on Sunday around 14:00.

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Training as a SAM mentor from June 2021 CHF 5'590,-
Available Tickets: 4
The Training as a SAM mentor from June 2021 ticket is sold out. You can try another ticket or another date.


25 Jun 2021




Self-Actualization Mentoring
PNX House in Hirzel


PNX House in Hirzel
8816 Hirzel, Switzerland

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