"Where attention goes, energy flows and results show."

~ (T. Harv Eker)

How successful are you? How fulfilled are you? No matter where you stand today, a whole new level awaits you. We have specialized in accompanying selected people on this journey personally and professionally. With us you and the achievement of your goals are always in focus. Tailor-made for you, we combine the latest methods from neuroscience, self-leadership and coaching.

Breaking New Ground

Self-proclaimed coaches are a dime a dozen these days. The Internet is full of countless self-help videos and -contributions that simply want to solve every conceivable problem. But who ensures their level and sustainability? Do you have time and leisure to try everything? You do not have to. PN Experience stands for quality and separates the wheat from the chaff in an innovative way.

What Our Participants Say

"You've given me a chance to live a whole new life. Thank you is so mundane - but I simply feel a deep gratitude for what I was able to experience during the last days."
Dr. Elisabeth U.
Attorney at Law
"You've put together a week I never expected in my life! I've learned so much, I've thought so much about myself, I've become mindful, and my backpack isn't so heavy anymore either."
Bernd B.
Communications Manager
"A week to remember for the rest of my life. Heart opening and soul opening. I will always carry the spirit of Dubai within me."

Steffen B.
CEO of a Family Offices

Our Offer

You’re not one of a hundred with us. We recognize you for the multifaceted person that you are.

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Self-Leadership Camp

Self-Leadership is our goal. We can only achieve this if we strengthen body and mind equally. Our focus is on mechanisms that connect physical health with mental health: Mental training, sports and nutrition are only the foundation. So much more awaits you.

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Coaching Programs

Expect the unexpected. Our coaching programs are tailored to people who like to move outside 0815 or who want to open up this space in the future. We support you in recognizing why you should do some things and perhaps leave out others. You will be offered an individual and multi-layered support, which includes individual coaching as well as a mini-break.

A man standing on his head practising yoga at sunrise in the outdoors.


The business world constantly presents us with new challenges. Only a strong team and a well-established company with a deeply rooted corporate identity can survive the constant change and even benefit from it. PN Expereince is at your side and develops, among other things, events tailored to your needs, so that people do what they do with joy and heart.

A Suitable Coaching Program For Everyone

Plan your coaching program with us according to your individual needs. Only the date of the included intensive days is already planned:

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Contact us for inquiries, requests or feedback.

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