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Creating positive change in your own life does not have to be complicated. 
We open previously closed doors with you in a very simple way. Our online courses are designed to give you the opportunity for sustainable growth in your life – anytime, anywhere.



Sparking Insights

Sometimes it only takes a spark to ignite an entire fire. The right phrase, a creative idea, new scientific findings – anything can start the fire inside us that helps us take that decisive step in the right direction. That’s why we regularly share a little inspiration with you. Motivating stories, exciting research results or creative ideas – we always offer you something new.

Happiness factor

Small joys – Great happiness

Many people pursue big goals in life. We believe that once we’ve won that long-awaited medal, reached our desired weight, or received that hard-earned promotion, we’ll be…

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A real man eats meat!?

Is healthy eating typically female or typically male? 
Wait, what do role stereotypes have to do with eating behavior? So many things! But evolutionary mechanisms also…

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Online Class

The Online Classes offer you bundled knowledge on individual topics. Since we at PN Experience do not believe in “frontal teaching”, you can look forward to multimedia course material and a varied repertoire of methods in all our online classes.



Have you already discovered our Online Classes? Each Online Class concludes with a thematic focus. The PN Experience Masterclasses consist of four individual Online Classes that belong together thematically. In this way, you develop your skills comprehensively across an entire subject area and become an expert yourself. 

The ideal offer for everyone


Online Class
CHF 69,-
  • Personal membership access
  • Bundled knowledge on a life topic
  • The Workbook for Download
  • Exercise instructions for everyday life

full understanding

CHF 249,-
  • All the benefits of an online class
  • The content of four thematically linked online classes
  • Personal support during 3 months
  • Additional material for download
Price advantage

PNX Online Classes have impact

When are online courses useful?

We have many obligations in life. Not everything is easy to combine in terms of time and space, and often our own development or “me time” falls by the wayside. By taking an online course, we can flexibly integrate it into our lives without causing more time-related stress. A valuable tool which we can simply incorporate into our daily lives in order to lead a more satisfying life in the long term. An online course can also be an eye opener to find out for which life topics a personal and thus deeper mentoring can be useful. For this reason, we offer in our masterclasses, which cover extensive topics, the possibility that you can contact us personally at any time for questions.

What you get with every online course:

You have questions?

we answer

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