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PN Experience combines the latest findings from science and research with proven methods from coaching practice and combines them in a unique way to create a lasting experience. Be curious.

Holistic Approach

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The statement “A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body” is familiar to everyone. And it is certainly true, which is why exercise and nutrition are important pillars in our concept.
However, for a fulfilled life and a lively everyday life it needs more. The individual needs of each person on the way to satisfaction differ. For this reason, our range of products is diverse and our team is always focused on you personally: You are in the focus!
At PN Experience, the small groups of selected participants are supported simultaneously by an above-average number of coaches – your companions – to ensure this. We set the highest quality standards for our services, which is why you can also rely on exclusivity when choosing locations.

We Offer The Right Program

One of the reasons why our methods are effective and sustainable is precisely because they do not yet exist in this combination. To disclose all details in advance of our trainings could miss the effect for you. Open yourself to the unknown, like many people before you, in order to redefine your limits with us.

Coaching Programs

Expect the unexpected. Our coaching programmes are tailored to people who like to move outside 0815 or who want to open up this space in the future. We support you in recognising why you should do some things and perhaps leave out others. You will be offered an individual and multi-layered support, which includes individual coaching as well as a mini-break.

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The business world constantly presents us with new challenges. Only a strong team and a well-established company with a deeply rooted corporate identity can survive the constant change and even benefit from it. PN Experience stands by your side and develops events tailored to your needs, so that people do what they do with joy and heart.

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Self-Leadership Camp

Self-leadership is our goal. We can only achieve this if we strengthen body and mind equally. Our focus is on mechanisms that connect physical health with mental health: Mental training, sports and nutrition are only the foundation. So much more awaits you.

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Individual Coaching

Individual guidance can be offered, for example, as a supplement to our coaching programmes, precede them or build on such experience. You can also request individual coaching sessions separately from other offers through us. In a one-on-one session, our companions can pay the most attention to your needs.

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You have already made good progress and want to continue without delay? Perhaps you have a personal request or a concrete problem where we can support you? Building on our existing range of services, our companions will be happy to assist you in the long term. We look forward to presenting our Advanced Program to you soon.

We have already been able to support many customers.

"I took part in the 7-day camp and even half a year later I am still surprised how lastingly the insights I gained there have integrated into my life."
Matthias N.
CEO Data Security Company


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