Men's Club


…We are not theorists. We know not only the business environment, but also the world of consultants, mentors and coaches.

Imagine four coaches who are willing to take you on a relentless journey into your “I” using unusual and proven methods. During this journey you will heroically face your fears and worries. You will break away from old role models and develop new strengths based on trust, self-worth, love and empathy.

Your Companions

„Again and again we block our huge potential and rarely live the version of ourselves that suits us best“


„Self-actualization is essential – an inwardly directed view in order to perceive one’s own powers.“


„We all actually know what we should do and yet we often don’t succeed – find out how it works after all.“


„The connection between Body, Mind and Soul is quickly said, but frighteningly rarely really lived.“


Compiled for you:

Your only task is to make the first appointment with us in curiosity, to arrive and to integrate all the useful experiences, you now own within you, with the coach of your choice into your everyday life.

We have organized for you …

    • Individual coaching before the focus days with one of the companions
    • Your room to relax in Freudental Castle
    • Fine food and drinks (excluding alcohol) during the whole stay
    • Support by four coaches, who are available to you on site around the clock during the focus days
    • A small group of selected participants who benefit not only from the program, but also from each other
    • Two individual private coachings after the focus days with the coach of your choice
    • A virtual group coaching

… and have all of this already included in the total price of CHF 3’700.

The best time to be a man is right now.”

Our place of inspiration

Exclusively for you

Schloss Freudental
Schlossstrasse 1 
78476 Allensbach

Schedule and details of the focus days

Next Upcoming Event
18 November 2020
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