The Self-Leadership Camp

Are you ready for truly life-changing experiences? Allow yourself to be immersed in a unique atmosphere from which you will take away unforgettable insights? We will not reveal too much about these extraordinary days for the time being. You can trust us. It is worth it! And if not, you will get your money back. Guaranteed.

Life Changing Insights

This one-week camp is our premium product. Here our companions from all over the world come together. Do you have an idea what brings together a famous tenor, a Human Potential Coach from England, a TV-known dance coach from Germany, a nutrition and movement coach from Thailand and a neuroscientist from Switzerland? No?
We tell you: you! So that you experience a week that has the potential to change your life forever. You will learn to integrate into your life what these experts have to offer. You have never found frontal teaching helpful, let alone stirring? Neither have we. Forget everything you thought and know about seminars / workshops & co. Our team and the concept are unique. Our camp is reserved for 8 handpicked participants who are willing to get a little bit more out of their comfort zone every day.

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7 Days

Time is one of the most valuable assets, so we won’t waste yours. You can invest 7 days of your life in a unique journey.  You book a package where we take care of everything for you. This way you will get the most out of the experience of this special week and you will be able to indulge all your senses in your new strength and heart opening.

Circle Of Participants

The mixture of individual and group experiences is part of our concept. We deliberately focus on a small group of selected participants, who all have one thing in common: They carry an extremely high degree of responsibility, for example in their professions. Such success makes them vulnerable to extreme situations of any kind. Sharing the sometimes unique experiences of the camp with people who feel the same way as you do, and the resulting exchange of ideas, will contribute significantly to your personal advancement. In addition, your companions are also there for you around the clock at this inspiring place.

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Taken in Reno, Nevada, USA.

Self-Leadership Camp

Make sure you secure a place in time and experience an unforgettable week at a wonderfully inspiring location.

09. May to 16. May

7 nights | Madinat Jumeirah | Dubai

price on request

28. October to
07. November 2020

7 nights | Atzaro | Ibiza

price on request

Your Benefits


Gain the serenity you have always wanted. Not only when everything is going well, but also during turbulent situations in life or when understanding your fellow human beings becomes a challenge. Whoever feels inner peace knows what deep satisfaction feels like.


We all appreciate being mobile all the time. Physically mobile. But what about your mental mobility? How flexibly do you adapt to new challenges? Being mentally mobile means going through life with less stress and taking challenges as opportunities.


One thing is certain: A life without creativity is unimaginable and everyone is creative. Creativity has always shaped human development. But in order to be able to live out our own creativity, our mind must first become free. You will not believe how easy it can be to think, act and live freely and creatively.

  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a much-praised yet little understood term. Why mindfulness does not require complicated practice and how precious the right application is for our lives, you will experience every day during the camp in an impressive way.


In a healthy body dwells a healthy mind. I think we all know that saying. Are you using your body to its full potential? Are you good to yourself in every way? The right nutrition and fitness do not have to be arduous, but will take you to a new, impressive level of well-being.


Life is a constant exchange of energies. We give, we take, everything is in constant flux. But we can also block our energy and usually only notice this when it is already too late. Discover with us wonderful methods that let your energy flow inexorably so that you can give and receive again.



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