Mankind strives for continuous development, from birth to death. Those who lead their lives in a self-determined way are successful and feel free. Self-Actualization Mentoring (SAM) is not a theory, but lets you experience your authentic self again. The door opener to a satisfied life.


Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck explains

What exactly does Self-Actualization Mentoring do?

SAM (Self-Actualization Mentoring) is about freeing yourself from unconscious constraints and regaining your own authenticity. Already after the first session you will feel the difference. You will be able to let go and experience inner peace. This is accompanied by a feeling of deep satisfaction. In the long run you become aware of your patterns, learn to acknowledge and accept yourself and gain new strength and clarity.

What SAM can help you with


The challenges you may benefit from Self-Actualization Mentoring are as individual as each person. Sometimes you feel more comfortable in individual sessions, at other times the experience within the group takes you even further. With us, you are free to choose how you want to experience SAM.


SAM individual Session

Your mentor Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck leads you to a comprehensive understanding of your challenges during the individual sessions. You dissolve fears or pain not only in consciousness, but in the body. You will feel the positive effect after the first session. Experience has shown that most people achieve a lasting improvement in deep-rooted blockages after just five individual sessions.

Half-year subscription

You secure 6 one-hour sessions over six months. Each session can be held both in person and via Zoom.

CHF 3'500,-

plus any statutory value added tax

Annual subscription

You secure 12 one-hour sessions over six months. Each session can be held both in person and via Zoom.

CHF 6'000,-

plus any statutory value added tax

Diamond Days

You will be accompanied throughout the day and ensure that you know how to integrate the SAM in everyday situations. Diamnond Days can be booked for two or more days.

CHF 3'000,- / Tag

incl. overnight stay & catering;
plus any statutory value added tax


SAM Group Course

In a small group of three to four participants, you will embark on a journey of self actualization over the course of a year. As human beings, we have been learning from and with each other since birth. Thus, the group course offers you a further spectrum of experience through togetherness, which supports many people in their own development. The course consists of one attendance weekend each at the beginning and at the end, as well as monthly video calls.

CHF 4'750,-

incl. accommodation, meals & course material; plus any statutory value-added tax

You will gain

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Safety concept

approved by the BAG

Your safety and health are as important to us as your further development.
Therefore, we have worked out the conditions of the SAM group course in such a way that we can carry it out for you including the presence weekends. Our safety concept has been approved by the BAG.


SAM Academy

Learn the basics of Self-Actualization Mentoring and apply this practical method in everyday life for yourself or professionally for clients. Experienced coaches want to constantly expand their repertoire of effective methods and often even share their knowledge. For this we train you.

Places of inspiration


PNX House Zurich

PNX House is located not far from the metropolis of Zurich, in the middle of a special landscape with numerous, gently rolling moraine hills, mostly crowned by a linden tree, and thanks to its authentic character invites you to let yourself go completely.

Rotes Schloss Zürich

These offices invite you to stay with their elegance and history. Centrally located in beautiful Zurich, you can reach us here for initial meetings, individual sessions as well as exclusive workshops.

Davos / Klosters

Between authentic traditions and an international character, this place of inspiration is located in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Already since the 50s of the last century many, mainly from the film, music and theater scene, British and American guests were attracted to Klosters. The region gained international fame through the World Economic Forum.

One Palm Dubai

A high-end residence with the highest level of living comfort offers you, in the midst of the vibrant metropolis of Dubai, an inspiring retreat. The global destination gives new vision in an exclusive environment.

New in the portfolio as of September 2021

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