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The training

Self-actualization mentoring

Your trainer: Dr. Kai-Uwe Steck

What is Self-Actualization Mentoring?

SAM (Self-Actualization Mentoring) has its roots in humanistic psychology, where self-actualization is the fundamental motive of human action. It denotes the principle of lifelong striving for self-determination and further development. In mentoring we make use of embodiment. Here we focus on the interaction between body and psyche.  It is an effective method to find oneself again and to let life guide you completely. In addition to the neuroscientific background, you will learn effective exercises that you can use for yourself at any time in everyday life. Experienced coaches can expand their methodological competence with the SAM by an effective tool and achieve sustainable changes with their clients. 

What you gain from this training


The training to become a Self-Actualization Mentor takes place over the course of one year and is divided into classroom and online sessions as well as self-study. The training group is limited to up to four participants in order to give each participant the necessary space for self-awareness and personal development.

Attendance Weekend
Your SAM training starts with a weekend together at one of our places of inspiration. The group consists of max. 4 participants. We meet on Friday at 12:00 and say goodbye again on Sunday at 14:00. The location as well as catering will be organized by us.
12 video calls with your mentor
After the introductory weekend, the group of prospective SAM mentors meets every month over the course of a year for a 1.5-hour video call. Here you deepen the knowledge you have learned, receive new impulses and can exchange ideas with your mentor.
12 video calls within the group
Participants also meet once a month for 1.5 hours via video call to practice. Self-awareness within the peer group is an essential part of your development.
Attendance Weekend
We will conclude the SAM training with another attendance weekend. Participants will meet again on Friday at 12:00 until Sunday at 14:00.

CHF 5'590,-


Requirements for the training

Who can be trained to become a SAM mentor?

Das Self-Actualization Mentoring ist eine wertvolle Weiterbildung für Personen, die bereits im sozialen, therapeutischen, pädagogischen oder bewegungstherapeutischen Bereich tätig sind. 
Self-Actualization Mentoring is a valuable continuing education for individuals already working in the social, therapeutic, educational, or movement therapy fields. 
You should have at least 5 years of professional experience and an in-depth interest in body-centered counseling. Self-experience of at least 15 hours as a client in coaching or supervision can also qualify you for the training. We will be happy to find out in an aptitude interview with you whether the training is a good fit for you.

What learning methods await me?

your further Development

SAM TEacher-Training

Become a Teacher

Can I pass on my knowledge?

In line with Self-Actualization, the principle of lifelong striving for self-determination and further development, you as an experienced SAM Mentor can still further your education. Our Teacher Training enables you to train Self-Actualization Mentoring yourself and thus pass it on to interested professionals.

Teacher-Training overview

Our place of inspiration

PNX House

The PNX House is located not far from the metropolis of Zurich, in the middle of a special landscape with numerous, gently rolling moraine hills, mostly crowned by a linden tree, and thanks to its authentic character invites you to let yourself go completely.

You would like to further educate yourself


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