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Are you ready for truly life-changing experiences? Allow yourself to be immersed in a unique atmosphere from which you will gain unforgettable insights. For the moment we will not reveal too much about these extraordinary days. Simply trust us. It will be worth it!
And if not, you will get your money back. That’ guaranteed.


hand-picked participants


professional high-end coaches


life-changing experience


Succes for you


Life changing insights

This one-week camp is our premium product. Meet our coaches from all over the world.  You will learn to adapt into your life everything these experts have to offer. You have never found classroom instruction helpful, let alone thrilling? Neither have we. Forget everything you thought and know about seminars / workshops & Co. Our team and the concept are unique. Our camp is reserved for 7 hand-picked participants who are willing to get a little more out of their comfort zone every single day.

7 days


Time is one of the most valuable assets, so we won’t waste yours. You can comfortably invest 7 days of your life in a unique journey.  All you need to do is book a package and we will take care of everything for you. In this way, you can take full advantage of the experiences of this special week and indulge all your senses in your new strength and heart opening.

Exceptional coaches


Can you think of anything that would bring together a famous tenor, a human potential coach from England, a dance coach known from the TV in Germany, a nutrition and movement coach from Thailand and a neuroscientist from Switzerland? No?
We tell you: You! So you will experience a week that has the potential to change your life forever. You can find coaches like sand at the sea. We do not only say that we are different: We are.

Exclusive circle of participants


The combination of individual and group experiences is part of our concept. We focus purposely on a small group of selected participants, who all have one thing in common: They all have an extremely high level of responsibility, for example in their professions. Such a high level of success makes them vulnerable to extreme situations of any kind. Sharing the unique experiences of the camp with people who feel the same way as you do and the resulting exchange of ideas will contribute significantly to your personal advancement. Moreover, your companions will also be there for you around the clock at this inspiring place.


Camp dates

Date upon request

7 days | One Palm | Dubai

5 high-end coaches
7 hand-picked participants
A retreat with unmatched experiences

- Price upon request -

Sometimes you have to experience the difference.

22. until 29. October 2022

7 days | Tratzberg | Tirol

6 high-end coaches
10 hand-picked participants
A retreat with unmatched experiences

- Price upon request -

Sometimes you have to experience the difference.

"Only the ideas that we actually live are of any value."

Hermann Hesse

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