I am a singer, vocal coach and choral director known equally for my voice and my transformative work with choirs and singers.  Lucky enough to be surrounded by music and singing as a young boy and progress to have a successful performance career internationally, I wanted to help others discover the voice within them. Singing is primal, instinctual and necessary for existence, so all human beings should have the chance to free their voices and express themselves. You do not even have to be the best singer in the world to feel the benefits, as singing produces satisfying and therapeutic benefits regardless of the quality of the sound. As the vibration moves through you, it alters your physical and emotional state, allowing you to discover so much more about yourself and those around you. There is no other activity or feeling like it in the world! 



Following a successful career as a classical tenor performing internationally, I now combine ongoing performance work with vocal coaching. Although some of my work is with aspiring professional singers studying at conservatoire, I also regularly work with people of all ages who have never sung before, helping them to find their voice and the joy of singing through my work with numerous music education organisations.  In a session, I work to help a person find excellent physical alignment, seeing how this allows a natural airflow. Once found, we then work to connect airflow to sound-making and into the singing voice. Singing is a primal activity, deep within all humans, and it is my delight to help you discover your voice. Once you have ownership of your voice, you have greater ownership of yourself.

Favourite hero

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
The greatest composer who ever lived, whose music lets us taste a little of Heaven here on Earth.

Favourite book

"Homers Odyssee“
The extraordinary tale of a man whose homeward journey following a long war is characterised by monsters, witches, dangers and pleasures. When he finally makes it home, it turns out to not be as he expected. It is a story about how life and circumstances change us, so we must always move forwards, but never back.


Private Concert

A performance of classical vocal music – accompanied by piano – for you and your guests at your home (or another chosen location by negotiation).

€2000 (fee includes pianist) plus travel and accommodation (for both artists).


An opportunity for your choir/ensemble to work with Charles on areas such as technique, performance and repertoire.

€1000 a day plus travel and accommodation.

"If I cannot fly, let me sing.”

Stephen Sondheim

Coaching Inquiry

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