I love crises. Honestly, of course, not my own. But helping people in difficult situations, working with them to develop the right communication in challenging times and situations, turning stage fright into security, a deep fall into a flight of fancy, a catastrophe into joie de vivre: that’s what I experience as the most beautiful part of my work, as the calling in my profession.

Media Trainer

Media Trainer

My topic is the appearance – or performance – of people. In front of cameras, on the Internet, on a stage, in business. I train the right way to deal with the public, with journalists and spectators, but also with colleagues and your own employees. How do I come across in good times and bad? How do I communicate confidently and convincingly? How do I become who I want to be in the mirror of others? I work with my clients on attitude, role, body language and messages. Individually tailored, preparing for specific situations, in a very basic way. Always with the goal in mind: giving better interviews, giving better speeches, coming across better in talk shows, being a better leader. In other words: Your performance is my passion.  

Favourite hero

My heroes are all the people who look beyond their own nose, who are curious and open-minded, who show interest instead of skepticism towards strangers, and who help others to be well off, if not better off.

Favourite book

My ultimate favourite book is "What I Loved" by Siri Huvstedt. A depressing, fascinating, grueling story with which the author not only shows her exceptional talent as a writer, but at the same time has co-invented the entire visual world of a painter.


Media training and performance coaching

If you want to be well received, you have to know how others see you. I match claim, occasion and (external) effect.

Transformation & Leadership:
How to turn skeptics into convinced ones in your teams!

The central question is: How does change succeed without fear - but with passion? We support you as a manager in finding the answers. We show you concretely how to accompany your teams to accept change, to help shape change, to love change.

Crisis communication

Keep calm in difficult times, strike the right tone and turn a crisis into a communicative opportunity. In doing so, I help you with classic means and creative solutions in acute cases and protracted processes.

"Carpe diem."

Coaching inquiry

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