From my intimate experience with cancer, both my own struggle with testicular cancer in the early 20’s and having lost my father to it a few years earlier, my coaching style comes from a purposeful and sensitive place. I strongly believe in our natural healing powers and welcome the fact that our mindset and emotions are the center of our well-being. My focus is on a holistic approach to integrating physical activity with natural nutrition, prioritizing recovery and simple meditation methods as well as visualization techniques to strengthen and harmonize our inner and outer world.

Health &
Stress Specialist

Health &
Stress Specialist

As a former student of kinesiology and sports science, a professional fitness model and sports trainer with over 17 years of work experience with clients, my education and certificates actually pale in comparison to my experience as an observer, experimenter and passionate problem solver. My specialty is the development of practical, uncomplicated and implementable solutions to make daily life healthier, more energetic and fulfilling. From my own journey as an entrepreneur who suffered from extreme stress, I discovered and developed several groundbreaking methods which I teach my clients today. 

Favourite hero

My parents are my heroes. My father died at a young age and when I grew up he was an inspiration for health, kindness, strength and holistic success. When he died at the age of only 44, my mother stepped in completely and raised our family of 4 children between the ages of 10-20, never remarried and showed our family what love, compassion and resilience really is.

Favourite book

"The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran, is certainly a top favorite. It brings humility and yet is motivating, while being disturbing and revealing. Years later I still come back to this book and discover new perspectives again and again.



Dave provides stress reduction coaching that focuses on specific lifestyle changes that can lead to quantum leaps in personal development, health and well-being.


The packages include: Design of a tailor-made morning routine with functional circulatory movement, gratitude journal, manifestation and breathing work. Routines last only 15-20 minutes and can become a life-changing habit.

Self-Leadership Camp

Dave also accompanies the participants of the Self-Leadship Camp with his wonderful and motivating manner. Participants can be sure to benefit from his methods also after the camp.

"Live life as if everything is rigged in your favor."



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