Transformation has accompanied my private and professional life for many years. Through my many years of work in the healthcare sector, I found my passion for the holistic view of people and thus for coaching over 10 years ago.  A personal turning point in my life led me through my own profound transformative process a few years ago, which has fundamentally changed me and led me on the path of a fundamental examination of myself. Since then, I have been using transformative coaching to help individuals and organisations to go through profound changes with clarity, courage and openness and to unfold their highest potential.


Executive Coach

An important driver for my work as a coach is to transform and thus make a measurable difference in my clients’ lives. As an ICF® Globally Certified Professional Coach (International Coaching Federation, USA), CTT® Certified Value-based Transformation Coach (Barrett’s Values Centre, USA), SOSA® Certified Self-Actualization Mentor (Human Potential Institute, UK) and HeartMath® Certified Coach & Trainer (HeartMath, Benelux), I support my clients in achieving a sustainable, holistic transformation on the levels of mind, body and heart and thus lead a lifestyle in which they experience self-mastery on all levels of their lives. Using Design Thinking, I work with my clients to develop innovative and creative solutions for their change process. I am an active member of the International Coaching Federation and regularly conduct coaching trainings for prospective coaches.

Favourite hero

Nelson Mandela: Mandela had many teachers in his life. The biggest influence was his time in prison. Prison taught him self-control, discipline and concentration - the things he considered important for Self-Mastery - and it taught him what it means to be a whole person.

Favourite book

Michael Singer: "The Untethered Soul".
We all want to be happy, but are we really prepared to change profoundly for that? Michael describes in his book how we can achieve our deepest fulfillment in life by letting go of our expectations and resistance to reality. Once we have made the decision to commit ourselves to our own happiness, our lives will be fulfilled.



Some topics need to be dealt with in more detail. Eva will accompany you on your way personally, by phone or via video call (Skype & Zoom).

Value-based Transformation Self-Actualization (ICF®, CTT®, SOSA®)

Our personal values are the compass in our lives. Self-Actualization is the prerequisite for unfolding and living our highest potential. I support my clients in transforming restrictive, unhelpful habits, beliefs and behaviours in a sustainable and measurable way and thus living their highest potential.


Heart intelligence is the most fundamental approach to developing our emotional intelligence and resilience. By using innovative biofeedback systems, I support my clients to create an awareness of how they deal with themselves in order to sustainably build up their inner fitness, mental and emotional strength for better health, more resilience and a better quality of life.

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up men to fetch wood, assign tasks and divide the work, but teach them the longing for the wide, endless sea.“

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Coaching Inquiry

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