At times in life, you may think you’ve lost all stability. The job crashed. The relationship failed. Your health has taken a hit. Nothing is the way it was. Now you can complain. Or start anew. Because the loss of stability also means that you can build anew. Pillars that support the life you want. Privately as well as professionally. That’s what drives me: Job time is life time – how do we want to spend it? I advise my clients in job situations that are changing a lot: How do I communicate better? How do I take my team with me into the new world? How can I maintain and build my reputation? As a political scientist, journalist and manager, I combine strategy, leadership and communication into a personal total package for my clients.



Media and politics. High-speed trains and military ships. Power plants and salt mines. I know all these worlds from the inside. And their hurdles on the way to a digital future with massively changed business models and competitors. I’ve been managing communications, marketing and brand in all these industries for 20 years. In positions up to C-level. I combine this experience in strategy, leadership and communication into an individual plan for my clients. Describing growth and the future is as simple as can be. Managing profit slumps and crises is much more difficult. Even more so to remain strong in communication and to keep teams motivated. This is where I come in. Together with you, I find ways through the transformation. Whether in strengthening your reputation. Whether in leading your team. Whether in dialogue with new target groups. The journalist in me is curious: What is your topic?

Favourite hero

My father. He showed me how difficult it is not to sell your soul. And how good it does you when you remain true to yourself.

Favourite book

"Franca Magnani - My Italy".
An inspiring read full of lightness by a woman who made history as the first ARD correspondent in Rome in the 1960s. She went new ways and left her own traces. And who did not always take herself so seriously, but broke down walls with a wink and a lot of humor and could smile about the scrapes. This lightness and joie de vivre that her biography radiates was and still is a formative reading light for me.


Transformation & Leadership: How to turn skeptics into convinced ones in your teams!

The central question is: How does change succeed without fear - but with passion? We support you as a manager in finding the answers. We show you concretely how to accompany your teams to accept change, to help shape change, to love change. We do not just develop theoretical concepts with you. We take concrete steps with you: Whether speeches, which we write and train with you. Whether presentations, which we develop and implement with you in multimedia. Whether workshops, which we prepare and carry out with you. We design your communicative moments in the team with you.

Being understood by key audiences: Expansion of the reputation of the company and management

Positioning and reputation building are not shaped by what you want to say. It's about what resonates with employees, customers and journalists. In the ever-increasing flood of information, they all want to be reached with concise, compelling and credible stories. Together with executives and employees, we improve communication channels, work on developing the most effective core messages and redesign the keyboard of instruments. Not from an inside perspective - but in terms of the target groups we want to reach.

How personal reputation succeeds: communication coaching for leaders in business and politics

Today a hero, tomorrow already written off. Is a lasting reputation still possible in these disruptive times? We unequivocally say yes! But: Reputation is not a quick fix. Reputation is based on trust and credibility. And that takes time, consistency and truthfulness. In successful times, even more so in crises. Only when personality, function and role(s) form a credible whole can reputation develop permanently. Hanging a flag in the wind may help in the short term. In the long term, only what creates trust in the relevant target groups counts. We support you with concepts, training and creative measures. This is how we make you strong in the long term - no matter which way the wind blows.

K+S, HV, Hauptversammlung 2018

"Life is what happens while you are busily making other plans."

John Lennon

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