I am the owner and manager of the FIT TEAM Personal Trainer locations, of which there are more than 30 in Germany, Switzerland and Spain.
Since 2000 I have also been working as a coach. My experience ranges from working with world champions and Olympic champions to working with seniors and many people from the fitness sector.
As I was a professional triathlete and cyclist myself, I know what it is like to be under constant pressure to perform and to feel the ups and downs of sport and life.
It is my vision to give many people new well-being and quality of life and to inspire them with enthusiasm for sports and their newly acquired health. In doing so, I always pursue approaches of a common cooperation between coaches and less of a competition, because together you can achieve much more with people.



Each client and each coaching is individual for me. It is important and usually also decisive to carry out an analysis of the current situation. Here, a distinction is made between various focal points, such as mobility, stability, muscular control and functionality. Goal setting, readiness and everyday life specific conditions form the training concept and implementation.

I can pass on my experience to my customers in an optimal way. This concerns not only the purely sportive aspect, but also the mental and psychological area.
In general, coaching is only useful if it is sustainable. This means that different aspects of health and well-being should be considered and intertwined. It is highly recommended to be ready and open for this path.

Favourite hero

My son! He teaches me again and again to see life through different glasses and gives me the necessary peace and serenity.

Favourite book

"Unsaleable" by Stefan Krücken.
The book tells the life story of Bobby Dekeyser (world entrepreneur company Dedon). He sold his company and for a 3-digit million amount. During the economic crisis the new owners decided that they wanted to let his company go bankrupt. He did not let this happen and with his money he bought back his old company and led it through the economic crisis to a world company. Such an action and such behaviour motivates me very much, because he preferred his passion to money.


Personal Training
small group

Personal training in small groups (2-5 persons) can be booked for 142€ / hour including VAT.

(lower rates possible when booking 20 or 40 units)

Personal Training

The very individual personal training for you alone can be booked for 113€ / hour including VAT.

(cheaper rates possible when booking 20 or 40 units)


A comprehensive nutritional consultation for your individual needs costs 595€ including VAT.

(cheaper rates possible when booking 20 or 40 units)

"Those who are determined will find ways, those who are not determined will find reasons."

Coaching Inquiry

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