800 people are watching Prince Tamino in Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”. My wig is pinching, my throat is dry. I must deliver, not think, not judge, just act. To do the right thing and trust that I intuitively provide everything the moment needs – day after day! On the one hand, I make use of solid craftsmanship, on the other hand I believe in truthfulness. But what is true and right in Audruck? It is courageous and enriching to face the questions. On a good evening as Prince in the Magic Flute, I really bring my own character and personality on stage, show myself as a human being, and thus create a community with the audience.

Opera Singer &
Expression Coach

Opera Singer &
Expression Coach

As a classically trained opera singer with diploma and master’s degree, the door has opened for me to wonderful engagements. But away from the limelight I play my most exciting role for you as an “expression coach”. Through joint voice, speech and expression training we ensure that you know exactly what you are doing when you communicate with people. With solid speaking and presentation skills, you no longer let your feelings dictate how you affect your counterpart. Your personality speaks through your voice. Let’s release it – so that you can reach your counterpart!

Favourite hero

Pipi Longstocking, who against the well-intentioned advice of her friends still wants to go to school. Why? So that she finally has a real holiday. Longstocking already gave me and my three brothers a flea in my ear when I was a child, that you can consciously set the signs for your life and choose your own view of the world. Because: "We make the world, widdi-whatever we like!"

Favourite book

"The Prophet" by Khalil Gibran.
For the fact that the Lebanese poet wrote 25 years on it, the booklet is quite small and handy. In the beginning I was a bit strange with the poems, which describe all stages of human life from the cradle to the grave, but at some point I understood: This poetic-philosophical extract gets its depth and power only through its special form. And besides, it helps everyone out of a jam who needs a clever and also beautiful sounding saying for a wedding, birthday or baptism.



Embark on the search for your real and true expression. Julian will accompany you on your way personally, by phone or by video call (Skype & Zoom).

Intensiv-Coaching Programs

Julian accompanies various coaching programs of PN Experience. Together with at least three other coaches, he is always at your disposal during the entire program.

„We don't embellish what we hold dearest.“

Peter Brook (The empty space)

Coaching Inquiry

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