I live my calling to support people and I do so with an extraordinary calmness and composure. When I realized at school that it was all about grades and teachers never asked me how I was doing as a person, it was a turning point in my life. Not only did this path feel wrong for me, but I knew that there was a better way to awaken true potential in people.  As an international business coach, Frankfurt’s ambassador for encounter and movement, TV juror, coach of numerous stars and international dance and TV productions, as well as Germany’s first specialist coach for personality development, innovation and movement at the German Football Association (DFB) with my own coaching concept, I now have a wide range of experience and support people with passion.

Motivation- &
Movement Trainer

Motivation- & Movement Trainer

My lectures are meant to move – in the truest sense of the word! As a kind of perspective-changer and life mirror, I listen and bring people directly back into action. In my lectures and trainings we focus especially on the core topics:
~ Get up, get out and just do it!
~How you activate untapped potential.
~How you lead people right.
In my work and life, authenticity, politeness, courtesy, courtesy, depth, respect, positivity and fighting for what you want are important to me.

Favourite hero

My parents who sacrificed everything for me so that I could thrive. Mega inspirations are for example Michael Jackson, Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandela or Dr. Martin Luther King.

Favourite book

"Save the Game" by Gerald Hüther.
It inspired me, because it describes a methodology that I have always lived myself, without having known the book before. This is a wonderful feeling and confirms me to continue my way as a speaker and coach for companies, athletes and schools with dedication, with the ease of the inner child and a lot of heart.



One-on-one coaching sessions are also conducted by Kelechi for sports athletes, children and mentally ill people. Kelechi accompanies you on your way personally, by phone or by video call (Skype & Zoom).

Keynote Speaker

Are you planning an event or are you looking for a speaker for your company who is different? Kelechi will be happy to discuss with you how he can inspire and motivate your audience in a completely new way.

Team Buildings

Kelechi conducts coaching for the German national football team in the areas of personality development, courage, dance and presence. Also in your company a team building can be done which is really rewarding.

"True success results from the motion of Inner Wealth."

Kelechi Onyele

Coaching Inquiry

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