We all actually know what we should do and yet we often fail to apply this knowledge. This has nothing to do with weakness of character, but with the fact that our brain comes with outdated, pre-installed software. In my Neuro-Mindsetting sessions you will learn the most important basics about your brain and how to recondition your mind with simple methods.

I firmly believe that life is a story we tell ourselves. Change your story and you will change your life.



I studied neuroscience at the ETH Zurich and did my doctorate in the field of emotions and stress at the University Popmpeu Fabra in Barcelona. Due to the existential threat of cancer, I had to learn on the painful way what it means to be stressed. Although I had my PhD on this topic, I was completely overwhelmed. Resilience cannot be “imagined”. You have to experience it. This personal experience motivates me again and again to support people in dealing with their own challenges.

Favourite hero

Joshua Slocum, the first man to sail around the world alone. He did so after steamships had ruined his business and he was completely broke. A wonderful example that every crisis brings new opportunities.

Favourite book

"The man's search for meaning" by Victor Frankl
For it is a true example that we are not the victims of our circumstances.



Find your WHY. Together with Martin you discover your inner drive and how to live a more fulfilled reality with it. For a clearer understanding of what you want to do in life and why, 2 sessions of 3 hours in total via Skype or Zoom.

Keynote Speaker

Martin speaks for team meetings and large events as desired 20 to 60 minutes, with a focus on neuroscience and inner attitude. He presents practical self-leadership methods, which are supported by science and lived by himself.

Neuro-Mindsetting Seminar

During one day, you and your team will learn the basics of neuroscience and understand how your brain triggers different behaviors. Thanks to many interactive and surprising examples, you will have fun exploring the brain mechanisms of learning, perception and focus and learn how to use them to achieve your goals.

"Change the story you tell and you will change the life you live.”

Dr. Martin Inderbitzin

Coaching Inquiry

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