I have always been interested in people with all their colours and I always notice that many people find themselves in a grey everyday life. For the last 8 years I have been working as a business lawyer in a strong male domain. Especially still on management levels. Often the predominant colour there is black. To assert oneself there was not always easy. Nevertheless I became successful within a very short time. In addition to my legal studies, I have been trained and educated from the beginning to be able to support people not only legally. It is always about more.

Women's Coach

Mediator |
Women's Coach

My coaching heart beats especially for women – no matter what age – who find their way or want to continue well, e.g. in an industry where being female is not necessarily an advantage. It is especially important to me to support women in being and remaining themselves and to support beliefs like “You can’t do this. / You’re too young – or – too old for that.” / “You just gotta get tougher.” to overcome. What is important at work is even more so in private life. It is also close to my heart to encourage people to enter into a truly conscious life and to actually practice the concept of mindfulness, which is so quickly forgotten. So that one feels alive again and enjoys and perceives life with all its colours.

Favourite hero

My grandmother: A very educated, always perfectly dressed lady, who went through life with a lot of warmth and cordiality despite various heavy blows of fate with a lot of humour and optimism, self-determined and with backbone. I am also fascinated by Sophie Scholl: This resistance fighter against National Socialism has been a constant companion since I was in 7th grade and I have met her in many ways since then.

Favourite book

Currently: "The Smile of Fortune" by Rebecca Gable. I love historical novels - wrapped up in an exciting story - what more does the reader's heart want and is pure relaxation.



Some topics need to be dealt with in more detail. Vera will accompany you on your way personally, by phone or via video call (Skype & Zoom).


Whether in the company or privately. Mediation is a procedure for the constructive settlement of a dispute, in which Vera as a mediator accompanies you in a structured way to reach a solution in the sense of genuine cooperation. It is not about finding a compromise.

Self-Leadership Camp

As an integral part of the camp, Vera is part of the core team of coaches on site. Participants enjoy her empathic nature already during the preparation for the camp.

"Just do it."

Vera Niedermeyer

Coaching Inquiry

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