Exercise and sport have been my passion from an early age and should always remain so. I trained in many clubs, took part in countless competitions and my big dream was to turn my hobby into my profession. So I moved to Germany after my A-levels, where I studied sports science, psychology and education at the TU Darmstadt.
In 2011 I dared to take the step: I combined all my knowledge and all my experience to obtain the official license of a “Personal Trainer”. I was fascinated by the idea of being able to work with people even more directly, combining different sports and training methods.
Since then I have been able to help many people (live and online) to train in a gentle and body-conscious way and to live healthier lives.
In 2015 I moved from Germany to Tenerife to be able to do sports outside all year round, to teach and to motivate other people “easier” with exercise and healthy food on the sunny island under palm trees and with a view of the ocean. Whenever I am back in Germany or Switzerland, I also like to visit my clients on site and train with them in the whole German speaking area. 



I am a sports scientist by nature and besides my studies I have done many additional licenses, including

  • Personal trainer B-licence
  • TRX Instructor
  • Back training manager
  • Wellness trainer (relax/wellness massage)
  • Nutritional trainer
  • Zumba instructor
  • Aerobics trainer
  • Asthma trainer
  • Fascia trainer

I train and coach my clients under the motto “naturalness.” This means we train in a natural way without many objects and the nutrition should also be very natural, preferably without “chemicals”. I motivate my customers in this way so that sports/exercise and healthy nutrition are simply part of their everyday life.

Main topics are nutrition and suitable sports in everyday life as well as solutions for weight problems and measures against exhaustion from everyday life.

Favourite hero

I used to have a favorite hero: Chuck Norris, who impressed me with his martial arts and balanced manner. "Learn to win without fighting" was his motto and when I think about it now, this motto has unconsciously influenced me a lot and I am still learning from it.

Favourite book

"Me before you" by Jojo Moyes.
Which inspired me or confirmed again that fighting, movement/sports, love and positive thinking have a very good mental and physical effect on our body.


Personal Training – live and online via Skype

You can train anytime and anywhere. Zuzana would be happy to accompany you “live” in Tenerife South as well as online via Skype at your home or office on your way to more well-being and better health. You choose what suits you best, from a single lesson to a V.I.P. package. In consultation, it is also possible to train together once in the entire German-speaking area.
A subscription for 5 trainings of 90 minutes each costs 450,- Euro. On the website you will find all offers.

Group Fitness

You want to spend an active holiday on Tenerife with your partner, your family or with your friends in a small group? Zuzana makes you all fit under the palm trees and the sun of Tenerife. The training takes place in a small group of up to 5 people.
A single lesson (60 minutes each) costs 120,- Euro. A package of 5 training hours is available for 500,- Euro.


Your fitness holiday on Tenerife! You would like to experience a carefree and active holiday on Tenerife? We plan everything together here. That means flight, type of accommodation, transfers, rental car, personal training and shopping together as well as cooking and excursions on request.

One week for 1600,- Euro.
Two weeks for 2200,- Euro.

"If you don't spend some time for your health every day, you will have to sacrifice a lot of time for your illness one day.“

Sebastian Kneipp

Coaching Inquiry

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