Bringing positive change into your life does not have to be complicated.
Together with you, we will open previously closed doors in a very easy way. Our webinars give you the chance for sustainable growth in your life.

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Change your way of thinking and you will change your life.


Learn what Mindset means and how you can change it for the better. Together we will train our effective neurological method of mindsetting, which will help you to change the way you think and act. You will be given the tools you can use in your daily life to optimize your old thought patterns and behavior.

About your coach Dr. Martin Inderbitzin


Martin studied neuroscience at the ETH Zurich and received his doctorate on the subject of stress and emotions. In 2012 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer with an average survival rate of 5%. Due to this traumatic event, he was looking for a technique to change his way of thinking with the aim of dealing with his situation in the best possible way. The Neuro-Mindsetting method, which transforms neuroscientific research into practical tools, is the result of his 8 years of personal research.

Martin hosts workshops and presentations around the world to share his knowledge, including Stanford University, Forbes500 companies and high-end retreats in the Middle East and Asia. With his method, he has helped thousands of people around the world to change the way they think and behave. His TEDxTalk has attracted more than 350,000 views. In his spare time Martin is a triathlete and is currently preparing for his first 100 km run.


What you get



» 1/2 hour interactive webinar via ZOOM + subsequent Q&A
Our attitude towards things is crucial. What story do you tell yourself all day long? In this webinar you will learn:

» Neuro-Mindsetting-Knowlege
What is a mindset and how can I positively influence it?

» Hands-on Tools
How do I control my mindset to my advantage in everyday life?

» New inspiration & motivation
For the challenges ahead.

Normal price: CHF 79,-  |  During these challenging times caused by COVID-19, we provide you with this knowledge free of charge.

Webinar FOKUS


» 1/2 hour interactive webinar via ZOOM + subsequent Q&A
Those who set the focus correctly are successful. How often do you let yourself be distracted every day? In this webinar you will learn:

» Neuroscience of attention
What is my focus and how can I put it on what I really want?

» Hands-on Tools
How do I stop the distractions in everyday life and stay focused?

» Chances & perspectives
For a real change in life.

Normal price: CHF 79,-  |  During these challenging times caused by COVID-19, we provide you with this knowledge free of charge.

Workshop Standort


Für die Workshops heissen wir Sie an unserem wunderbaren Standort im Herzen von Zürich willkommen.

Vorerst bleibt uns diese Option aber verwehrt. Wir passen unser Angebot für unser aller Wohl den Empfehlungen des Bundesrates an. Sehr gerne bleiben wir online für Sie da! 


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